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4.9 Stars - Based on 77 User Reviews
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4.9 Stars - Based on 77 User Reviews Badge

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Eric is terrific. If you are looking for a a trustworthy and aggressive lawyer then hire him. I have used many lawyers in the past but Eric is by far the most ruthless. He is not afraid to speak his mind against opposing counsel and in court and his cross-examination skills are excellent. He is also very professional.

  • I can not say enough great things about the Anderson Defense team. They listen, genuinely care, are professional, very responsive, and willing to be there for you in your time of need. I had a different lawyer to start with and when it became clear that her team was not equipped to handle my case, I researched around and found the Anderson Defense team. I was quickly relieved after the first conversation with Eric because he understood the situation and knew who the people on the other side were. They were able to find out more, what was really going on in one week, than my former attorney was able to gather in 4 months. Don't wait! Don't hesitate! Always choose the Anderson Defense team! Make sure your lawyers know all the players involved! It made all the difference for me and I know it will for you too.

  • Great patience, immediate responses, solid legal knowledge, very practical advices. The best help we can get.

  • Eric is epic, responsive and professional.
    I am really appreciated for his help. I would definitely recommend Eric Anderson and his team to everyone.

  • The team at Anderson defense are Amazing. They work at an impressive speed. (Seriously) Unfortunately for us, we needed Eric over memorial weekend, he got right on it! I'm so glad we hired him, even if it's just for peace of mind. Both Eric and Lexie were so kind to us, while I dealt with the worst situation I have ever been through. Eric listened, provided professional council, he is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and officially restored my faith in humanity. If I ever need a lawyer again, I'm calling Anderson Defense! Just skip the run-around, I can't recommend them enough.

  • My family was attacked by my former wife! It was the worst feeling to know that a person can get away with making up stories and no one will stop them! When you are in need of help Eric and his team will come through for you! I would recommend Eric to anyone in need of leagal help, he is wonderful. My family is back in tact and we have Anderson defense to that for it.

  • Awesome lawyer who will fight his hardest to the end! Never had to worry about him showing up and will always get back to you right away when you call. I was shown nothing but respect! Very affordable too! If you are unsure where to start or who to call, I cannot recommend Eric Anderson enough!

  • Anderson Defense in Minneapolis Minnesota has been so great too me since the year of 2017!

    I caught a case concerning Maltreatment and with the help of God and Anderson Defense i was able too be found INNOCENT this year 2021!

    I am so grateful too Anderson and Lexi for carrying me through this journey. I can recommend this company too anyone they will always be at your need

  • Eric and His team are amazing attorneys we definitely were in a situation we very expected to be in but they made us feel like we had the confidence to get through together as a team even when we felt discouraged They really stand by you in your hour of need and fight with you until the end. We definitely recommend Eric and his team they are very knowledge and keep you in the loop with what’s going on with your case. They are truly the best. Thank you for everything.

  • Best thing I ever did was hire Eric Anderson. I had 2 attorneys prior to him. Eric was very professional, aggressive, and knowledgeable. My case was a very complicated case because it was a child abuse misdiagnosis. He made me feel important and let the court know from day one that the county was not moving forward for reunification. Although the court was being biased, in trial they saw the truth and the TPR was dismissed stating that our due process was violated, the county was unfair and was selectively bias.
    From day one, Eric started looking for evidence that would support my case. He would return my calls and/or text messages right away. He Stayed late getting the case together and talking to me before trial even if it was 11:00pm or midnight. He was and is the best attorney anyone can ever have. Eric Anderson was worth very single penny. I will definitely always recommend him. He’s awesome!!!

  • Eric made me feel relaxed throughout my case. He explained everything I needed to know and communicated with me in a timely manner. He's a great guy and in my opinion one of the best in Minnesota. He was there for me from the beginning to the end, explaining and breaking down the issues to the simplest. If I am to recommend someone for criminal defense, child abuse and juvenile cases, I'll recommend Eric Anderson of Anderson Defense in a heartbeat.

  • Excellent attorneys. Very knowledgeable....expensive but worth the money especially if there's children involved.

  • Excellent attorney highly recommended I most definitely would hire again!

  • I hired Eric later than I should have. My ex-wife got into some trouble and had a chips case opened on her. I was automatically included as a third party because I was a biological father and like an idiot did not hire an attorney, thinking I would be fine, as I didn't nor ever had I been in trouble. I ended up voluntarily signing a case plan which put me on conditions much like probation. Even though I had never been in trouble I was refrained from even having one drop of alcohol. I took at least 1 u.a. per week, sometimes more. Had multiple people from the county; u.a. guy, social worker, guardian ad litem, in home specialist etc. knocking on my door every week, all while trying to live my life, raise kids and work etc. After months I finally got sick of being put through the ringer. I hired an attorney and he didn't do anything to represent me, sat quietly and took my money. Finally I found eric, hired him, talked to him multiple times before court. First appearance by Mr. Anderson= case closed, jurisdiction over my freedom and life is expired. Even if you feel you shouldn't need an attorney, at least consult with one and when that time comes, Mr. Eric Anderson is your man! He is professional and very knowledgeable. I would definatly hire him again! Thanks again Eric!!

  • Eric is a great attorney who has extensive knowledge about professional healthcare defense. Throughout the case process along the final hearing he maintained professionalism, honest and providing ongoing advice. Let Eric be your attorney to fight for your professional license and help you obtain the possible outcome.

  • Dependable and proficient. Would highly recommend to family and friends.

  • I was represented by Eric about three years ago. He helped me through my CPS case. He was very professional and responded quickly to any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him.

  • kept me posted on everything.nogotiated my best results, well done

  • Had a great experience working with Lexie!

  • I highly recommend hiring Anderson defense! He helped me during a very tough time, and made it a lot easier for me. He always answered my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!

  • I would highly recommend them. Especially for a CHIPS case. My daughter went from being told to prepare to lose her kids with less than a 40% chance to keep them... to case closed within 3 months. They were quick to understand the case even though they came in toward the end. Our previous lawyer could not get a hearing for months into the future but Eric and Lexie were able to get us in front of the judge within 2 weeks of hiring them. They care about their clients. Worth the money.

  • Eric and his team made me feel relaxed throughout my case. He explained everything I needed to know and communicated with me. He’s awesome at what he dose. Eric has a great team helping him, hands down Eric Anderson is the best lawyer for any situation. I can’t stop thanking Eric for helping me through out my tough case and having everything go our way at the end. Thank you Anderson defense god bless.

  • The attorney that will never disappoint you, my experience with ANDERSON DEFENCE means the whole world world to me before the eyes of the Lord. They DID WON my disqualification case which I had lost hope, their charges too is reasonable, they answer your messages, phone calls and emails within a timely manner. The way they talk to you makes you feel you are in heaven. I had a first Attorney who was charging me $250 per hour and disappointed me the way I can't tell it all as he made me to have anxiety, emotionally unstable and lost hope in mylife BUT ANDERSON DEFENCE made me to see life during my dark moments and FINALLY THEY WON MY CASE. ANDERSON DEFENCE IS THE BEST QUALITY SERVICES I CAN RECOMMEND TO WHOEVER IS STUCK OUT HERE. THANKS THANKS A MILLION TIMES ANDERSON FOR YOUR WONDERFUL JOB .YOU'RE AWESOME ATTORNEY.

  • Eric was professional and attentive to my case, great communication throughout the entire process, felt like I had a real fighter in my corner from the beginning all the way till the end.... if I ever have any other issues, he will be the 1st person I call

  • It was really nice working with Lexi. She was always well prepared and gave good advice. Highly recommend Lexi and Anderson defense.

  • They saved my kids from potentially being taken away from their mother.. The difference between them and our previous lawyer was tremendous!! If we would've stuck with our old lawyer, I truly believe that my newborn would not be snuggling with her mom right now. Expensive but well worth money! (Especially since a flat rate is probably much cheaper than others hourly anyways.) I would highly recommend them to anyone with a CHIPS case. Especially if you may be facing termination! My case went from literally them saying they were filing a petition to terminate my parental rights (which ended up never even happening) to my case being closed and me having my kids back within like 3 months. Thank you so much for everything!

  • Anderson Defense was able to give me clear straight to the point advise. I have worked with several lawyers in the past, but would only call Eric Anderson for all future legal advise. Eric is a great guy and an even better attorney, he will not let you down!

  • Eric knows what he's doing and helped guide me along the way. Very aggressive and had my best interest in mind. Highly recommend him to get anyone the best outcome in their criminal defense case.

  • Eric Anderson and his team deserve this review, as it is my first reveiw I have ever done. I am so thankful for having him on my side during my unfortunate situation. Eric and his team worked very hard and answered every question I had, due to being scared and so unsure of what was happening. I wouldnt recommend anyone else for the job when it concerns cps and other issues. It worked out for our side and I am so greatful!!!

  • The team at Anderson Defense is knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. I trust them to best represent my interest and navigate the law in my favor.

  • Eric is a very knowledgeable attorney and is ready to fight for the needs of his clients. Highly recommend him and his team.

  • Eric and Lexie were wonderful to work with from start to finish. They are confident, professional, bright and very personable. I would recommend these two to anyone I could!

  • Anderson Defense in Minneapolis Minnesota has been so great too me since the year of 2017!

    I caught a case concerning Maltreatment and with the help of God and Anderson Defense i was able too be found INNOCENT this year 2021!

    I am so grateful too Anderson and Lexi for carrying me through this journey. I can recommend this company too anyone they will always be at your need

  • It was a great privilege to have Eric as an attorney, he helped me during a difficult time with a few cases in a cost effective way. Eric is very knowledgeable, professional, prompt , and honest. Eric valued my opinions and reassured my doubts. He always kept me updated. I would definitely recommend him and his team. I can’t say enough good things about him and Lexi Stein. I was happy with the outcome, it was better than what I expected.

  • Laxie was an amazing lawyer she definitely made sure my voice was heard!

  • Eric is whip smart and awesome at what he does. He helped me navigate a stressful court situation with the cautious optimism I'd expect from a lawyer. He was responsive to the many questions I had during my case and felt well taken care of-I would highly recommend him!

  • I must say Eric Anderson is the best lawyer you will find to help you in every way possible with your case! He went above and beyond with our case! From day one he made sure to listen to our concerns very carefully, answer any questions we had and do everything in his power to guide us through this difficult time. He was always available to answer any questions we had. He really looked into every detail with a close eye. Eric treated us like we were his number one priority and he was here for us all the time. Through out our entire case he worked very hard to make sure we had the best outcome. He worked all hours, answered our questions even on some late evenings and weekends and anytime we had a question or concern. He contacted every possible person he could to ensure each detail and person affecting our case knew what needed to be done. Even after he did an exceptional job with helping us win our case, giving back our livelihood and hope for the future, he stuck by our side to make sure everything was done correctly and that we are where we needed to be. He treated us like we were family! I must say Eric Anderson is by far the best lawyer you will find to help you with your case! I would recommend him to all my family and friends! Thank you Eric for everything!

  • Eric was a pleasure to work with during a stressful time. He was always responsive to my questions. He thoroughly explained the process and always kept me up to date. I would highly recommend Anderson Defense!

  • You get the best feeling from these people because they know the child protection laws better than most individuals that are not lawyers. They will give it to you straight forward step by step I was there many years ago and talk to the lawyers there at that office and now here I am I'm going to be going back

  • he is very friendly guy that shows concern and will help you out for your legal matters i wish i could rate you 10 star eric and his team happy new year you guys made my dark nights bright i appreciated your help

  • Eric is a great lawyer along with his team. They were very good to me and helped me get out of the situation i was in which I was very happy with the results. He took on my criminal case and my cps case and it was well worth it. I was facing 4 level one felonies which resulted in probation and one misdemeanor. My cps case is officially closed and I now have full custody of my children. Eric is a good guy and is willing to work out a payment plan if need be. I can honestly say I’m very satisfied with everything he’s done for me and I’m glad I chose Eric to represent me. Thank you Eric and team, you guys were awesome and very professional!!!

  • Updated ☆☆ 2-23-2020Eric continues to guide my family when I have ANY question in my family Law case. Because of him and his knowledge- dedication- willingness to provide accurate information- loyalty to his clients I can say I have my family back and it's only getting better-day by day. Again you can NOT go wrong with him fighting for you and the laws . Thank you !10-2019...Eric is honest, straight forward and won't leave you hanging with the unknown and will follow through with what he says. He was a huge investment for my family .

  • Think I need Eric!!🕥

  • Would recommend to anyone!

  • Eric does a fantastic job! His specialized expertise, ability to listen and understand a complex situation quickly, excellent communication, and fierce advocacy are what sets him apart from others and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Eric and Anderson Defense to anyone needing effective, high quality representation.

  • Anderson defense did an awesome job with my case. The attorney attend the police interview held about 60 miles away from Twin Cities and provided me with legal aids. They responded quickly and accurately. I highly recommend them to all who have CPS issues.

  • Eric is a brilliant lawyer and i owe him a great deal for helping me keep my professional license. He made an argument (in witting) on my behalf to the board review committee so compelling my hearing only took 10-15min and the case was dismissed. And oh, his service fee was only a fraction of what others had quoted me when i shopped around a bit before setting with him. Thank you and all the staff at Anderson defense!!!

  • Choosing Anderson defense is the best investment you will ever make. Their knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. They provide you with their undivided attention making your case priority. They took our phone calls at all hours, called or texted back on a timely basis. Sometimes acted as counselors when emotions were high calming us and reassuring us as needed. Thank you Anderson Defense for being the most Relentless Bulldog Attorney! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES!

  • Choosing Anderson defense is the best investment you will ever make. Their knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. They provide you with their undivided attention making your case priority. They took our phone calls at all hours, called or texted back on a timely basis. Sometimes acted as counselors when emotions were high calming us and reassuring us as needed. Thank you Anderson Defense for being the most Relentless Bulldog Attorney! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES!

  • I highly recommend Anderson Defense, Eric and Lexie were very attentive, aggressive and well knowledgeable. We won my case! I am very thankful I found this firm. Thank you Eric and Lexie you both did an excellent job!! I can't thank you both enough.

  • Very helpful and informative

  • I highly recommend Eric, he represented me above and beyond expectation. He makes you feel like heis really on your side in and out of the court room.

  • Great lawyer in twincity

  • Eric is a very good lawyer, he works hard to get results. Eric was a complete pro and knows exactly how to operate in court. 5 stars is not enough! Thank you Eric for all your help!

  • Eric was great. He was knowledgeable and aggressive with our case, without being off-putting or rude. He makes you feel important, and like you are his only priority. Highly recommend, and while we don't ever want to have to need to call Eric again, if the need ever arises, we will definitely call Eric again. Many thanks to Eric!

  • Very helpful lawyer! Although he was the second lawyer on my case, he was very caring and diligent. He helped me with my child protection case. I feel like he deserves all the money in the world for what he did for me and my family. I am very grateful of him and would highly recommend him. The good thing about him he works from the heart. And brought my family back together as one. Thanks Eric!!! God bless.

  • Mr. Anderson was a great help in a completely avoidable altercation. Very knowledgeable, available, trustworthy and handled things with expediency and foresight. Highly recommended.

  • Highly professional and effective. Would recommend to anyone

  • Had a very serious situation, Eric was able to immediately and professionally resolve the situation. He took away any worries I had and did a great job resolving and protecting my family.

  • Great guy, easy to work with and always on time

  • Eric is a great attorney! He helped me and my family through a very tough time. He answered all my calls in a timely manner and made me feel like I was family. If I could give him 10 stars I would! I would reccomend him for anyone dealing with CPS.

  • Eric is terrific. He does an amazing job of supporting their clients in tough times. If you want the best, he IS the best.

  • Eric Anderson had been very helpful with my case. Easy to get ahold of, very personable.

  • Lexie Stein has been extremely helpful. Very easy to talk to and understanding about my situation. I could not ask for a better attorney to help me through my hard times. Would recommend 10/10!

  • We hired Anderson Defense to represent us on a family matter. Eric was very informative and reassuring at a time when we needed some answers. Eric is a quick study and we made progress right away. I would recommend him to anyone! By the way he is a really nice guy, and not like most attorneys you will meet.

  • Attorney Anderson guided me through one of the most challenging situations I have ever endured.
    Recognizing my unfamiliarity in the process my situation entailed, Eric was thorough, efficient, and honest in his communications.
    The guidance and direct communication provided, made the extremely difficult circumstances much more manageable.
    Eric's consistent aggressive yet poised approach helped in aiding a favorable outcome to my case. I couldn't be more grateful.

  • I recently retained Mr. Anderson when my license was put into a temporary immediate suspension. Unfortunately I hired him three months later due to money issues, but if I would've known then what would happen, I would've retained him right away. Mr. Anderson always responded in a timely matter, made sure I understood what was going on and most importantly made me feel he was listening to my needs and concerns. In the end, Mr. Anderson made the process speed up, he was very knowledgeable with my concerns, and I recieved my license back. I would highly recommend retaining Mr. Eric Anderson for your legal needs.Sincerely Cori

  • Very professional and affordable. Would definitely use him again.

  • Eric was great. He was knowledgeable and aggressive with our case, without being off-putting or rude. He makes you feel important, and like you are his only priority. Highly recommend, and while we don't ever want to have to need to call Eric again, if the need ever arises, we will definitely call Eric again. Many thanks to Eric!

  • I am an attorney and recommend Anderson Defense to anyone facing real life criminal or child protection issues as well as professional licensing issues. Eric and Lexie are an excellent team! Highly recommend!

  • Eric was amazing in dealing both both criminal cases and family court cases of mine in Dakota county! he was always prompt helpful and just a nice guy! he’s would be my first call if I ever needed someone again! his office team is super nice too!

  • The team at Anderson Defense, Eric Anderson and Lexie Stein, are second to none. Not only are they prepared, informed, responsive, effective, fearless, and dedicated, but they also do a great job ensuring their clients comfort and safety. I would recommend this firm to anyone for any legal needs. They are world class and their successful outcomes are evidence of that!

  • Eric is an incredible guy and a true professional. We had a family situation come up that required an attorney. Eric and his team provided the support and expertise in the area of criminal defense that was exactly what we needed. We were dealing with our teenage son who has special needs and the weight of an arrest and domestic assault charge that ensued following a 911 call that he had placed. Eric guided us through the Dakota County court process which ultimately led to the charges being dropped and an expungement of the arrest record. The outcome of our case could not have turned out any better thanks to Eric. I highly recommend him and his team.

  • Eric was very attentive to detail and cared about my legal issues. Can’t recommend him enough!

  • Eric is a great attorney. Strong skill set, response was quick, while talking to him about my case he was very attentive and guided me in the right direction of the law. I would highly recommend him as an attorney in representation against the boards, his fees are very reasonable and the support he showed during the duration of the case was outstanding. Hard working and dedication describe Eric, thanks.

  • Anderson Defense has the knowledge and instincts needed to protect your rights. Highly recommended for the twin city area.

  • When our family recently found ourselves facing an emergency that required legal representation, we reached out to Eric Anderson and Lexie Stein at Anderson Defense. From the start, Eric and Lexie were responsive, professional, and passionate about defending our rights and providing us inimitable legal representation.

    Every step of the way, Eric provided us thoughtful, knowledgeable counsel and was very attuned to our lack of experience navigating the county system and even our emotional needs during a difficult time for our family. If you are looking for competent, professional attorneys who understand and can help you navigate complex legal situations, Eric and Lexie are the best choices. Thank you, Anderson Defense, for putting our family first.

  • I've never written a review but I felt Eric Anderson deserved to be recognized for being an amazing attorney who I'm forever grateful to! I was dealing with cps which is obviously terrible because you feel helpless as a parent and our kids we love the most Eric he understands that! If you want an attorney who will work hard at protecting those who matter most to you and fighting to keep your family a family then you definitely want Eric Anderson! I can never give him enough stars referrals or positive reviews for what he did and getting my cps case closed! Calling him was the best decision I made for my family! Thank you Anderson Defense and thank you Eric from my family and I we are forever grateful!

  • Lexie Stein is a great lawyer! I found her through the DUI Directory (for something other than a DUI) and had no previous experience with her – nevertheless, she showed up the next day and gave me excellent legal advice at a very fair price. What is even better, was that the charges were all Dismissed! Furthermore, she noticed some discrepancies with the Prosecution and had them fixed so that I was not adversely effected by them in the future. I highly recommend her for your defense needs. Give her a call!

  • Anderson Defense really came though for me and my family. I had some child protection issues and also some issues effecting my profession license and lets just say I was very impressed with the results. Eric is very good at what he does. I’ve called him on multiple occasions and he really has helped me and my family out. I wish I could give more than 5 stars because man does he deserve it. Kodos to the Andersen Defense team.



Your case is about more than the charges against you. It is about your life. As your defense attorney, I am here to help - not judge. Tell me about your situation.

Even when things are at their worst, there is hope. The support and resources of an experienced defense law firm can help you make sense of your options. At Anderson Defense in Minneapolis, I help my clients develop a realistic strategy and confidently take the next step toward protecting their rights, freedom, career and families.

Meet Your Attorneys & Anderson Defense

The attorneys at Anderson Defense help people and families who are going through some of the most difficult and traumatic experiences of their lives. At Anderson Defense, our criminal defense practice in Minneapolis provides aggressive representation in cases ranging from the most serious felony charges to misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors, and citations. We regularly represent clients across the state of Minnesota that have been charged with high-level felonies, including criminal sexual conduct (CSC), drug charges and possession, child abuse, possession of child pornography, and crimes of violence. Our attorneys also defend our clients vigorously in misdemeanor cases, such as domestic assault and driving under the influence (DUI/DWI), as well probation violations. If you have been charged with a crime in Minnesota, contact the attorneys at Anderson Defense today.

Our attorneys at Anderson Defense also represent many clients in cases and situations involving Child Protective Services (CPS) throughout the state of Minnesota. Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) and Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) cases can tear families apart. We will help you navigate these complex cases and situations and are focused on keeping your family together or reunifying you with your children if they have been removed from your care. We will defend your parental rights against CPS aggressively and relentlessly.

Our attorneys also represent professionals with licensing board issues. Whether you are a physician, nurse, social worker, psychologist, or other licensed professional, we are here to defend your license and keep your reputation and career intact. If you have received a board complaint or are being investigated for alleged professional misconduct, your professional license is in jeopardy. Our attorneys will guide you through these complex investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Regardless of the circumstances, the attorneys at Anderson Defense are ready to provide you with first-class legal counsel and representation to guide you through this difficult time.

Call 24/7 To Discuss Your Situation Or To Schedule a Free Consultation

Anderson Defense represents clients with issues across the State of Minnesota. Whether you've been charged with a crime, have been contacted by Child Protective Services (CPS), have received a board complaint or face accusations of misconduct related to your professional license, call Anderson Defense in Minnesota 24/7 at 612-437-6704. You can also send an email about your situation or to schedule a consultation.

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