Long Term Solutions For Prescription Drug Charges

Substance abuse and addiction play a role in criminal drug activity. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is not always focused on addressing the underlying causes of drug crimes. The system is built to take disciplinary action that jeopardizes an individual’s freedom and opportunities.

I am criminal defense attorney Eric Anderson, of Anderson Defense in Minnetonka. I help people find long-term solutions to complex legal problems in MN, involving controlled substances like prescription medication. Whether you are charged with possession or distribution, I can help.

In cases of drug crimes, I investigate the circumstances that led to a clients’ arrest and provide options to not only mitigate the immediate criminal charges, but also prevent future issues within the criminal justice system. I want this criminal charge to be your last.

Here, you’ll find not only a lawyer, but also an advocate who cares about your life, your family and what future you were meant to have. Contact me to set up a free consultation.


Minnesota’s judicial branch has shifted its approach to drug crimes by introducing “Treatment Courts.” These courts are designed to present solutions that urge people to complete treatment programs and avoid the behaviors that resulted in criminal drug charges.

Crime prevention and treatment strategies are developed through collaboration with prosecutors, defense attorneys, social workers, probation officers, etc. These strategies often include close monitoring of the offender’s treatment program, drug testing, court check-ins and other efforts that focus on behavior change.

While these strategies can require significant effort on the defendant’s part, they do provide more opportunities than the aggressive prosecution strategies that rob people of their future and their livelihood.


You can trust that when you work with me, I will make every effort possible to have your prescription drug charges dropped or reduced or pursue reduced sentences that are designed to ensure a bright future for you and your loved ones.

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