Child Care And Day Care License Revocation Defense

As a licensed child care provider in Minnesota, you understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a good reputation. If you’re accused of physical maltreatment or failing to provide a clean, safe or sanitary environment, you could face the revocation of your license and subsequently, the end of your business.


At Anderson Defense, day care and other licensed child care providers in the Twin Cities can turn to me, attorney Eric Anderson, for the legal counsel and representation they need to protect their rights and profession.

I understand the laws and regulations overseeing child care providers and can help those accused of violations address license revocation proceedings, take legal action to protect their professional reputations, and outline strategies for debunking false accusations or becoming compliant.

Although there are numerous types of accusations that may arise, some of the most common violations I see include:

  • Physical maltreatment
  • Sexual maltreatment
  • Neglect
  • The number of children being cared for exceeds the amount permitted by the license
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Insufficient food, water or other necessities

Like any other legal matter, it’s important to get in front of these issues rather wait until it’s too late. Whether you are under investigation or your license is already in jeopardy, I encourage you to reach out to me and learn how I can help. As a local defense lawyer, I know the courts and various regulatory agencies overseeing these matters. Together, we can respond to allegations of maltreatment or neglect while protecting your rights, reputation, license and your career.


If you are a licensed child care provider and face the revocation of your license, call Eric Anderson of Anderson Defense today at 612-373-9490 and arrange for a free consultation. From my office in Minneapolis, I work with licensed professionals and others throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding metro.