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Three helpful tips in defending child care investigations

The notion of having your child day care license being revoked or rescinded may sound extreme; especially if you have not had any complaints or investigations against you before. However, such a result is not far-fetched given the sensitive nature of child protection complaints and the high level of trust that necessary for parents to leave their children at a day care center. In fact, what should seem like the last resort may be the only resort when it comes to protecting children in day care.

Because of this, knowing how to defend yourself against an investigation is critical. This post will provide a few helpful tips in the event you are subject to a DHS inquiry.

Don’t wait to take action – Just like the old sports adage, a good offense is the best defense. This means that you should not sit idly for an investigator to contact you and schedule an appointment to meet with you. Contacting an experienced attorney to establish (or control) the narrative is essential.

Stay abreast of regulatory changes – Procedural changes are quite common as new rules and regulations take effect virtually every year. Failing to stay on top of the latest rules could lead to code violations, suspensions and license revocations.

Keep good records – Good record keeping is the hallmark of any successful business, but ensuring that you have the proper records to detail compliance to state regulations can help in the event of an investigation.

If you have questions about defending against (or avoiding) child day care investigations, an experienced attorney can advise you.

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