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Am I about to lose my real estate license?

Maybe it was the thought of helping people find their dream homes – of seeing the expressions on their faces when they stepped into a house and knew in an instant that they were home – that made you want the job. Maybe you wanted the challenge of locating just the right home from a client’s wish list and staying within the client’s budget. No matter the reason, your dream of earning your real estate license came true.

If you went through the time and trouble to study, train and test for your real estate license, chances are it is because you imagined yourself loving the job and building a winning reputation in Minnesota as a top-notch agent. You certainly never imagined being accused of a violation that would jeopardize your license.

How to protect your nursing license from disputes

Nursing is a challenging, exhausting and often thankless job. Nevertheless, you chose this profession because of the intangible rewards. While many days include long hours on your feet, ungrateful patients and demanding doctors, you probably go home satisfied that you are making a difference in a noble profession.

Because you work closely with people, and their physical care is often in your hands, you are also under close scrutiny. You may not even be aware of how easily you may lose your professional license for an honest mistake or misunderstanding.

Three helpful tips in defending child care investigations

The notion of having your child day care license being revoked or rescinded may sound extreme; especially if you have not had any complaints or investigations against you before. However, such a result is not far-fetched given the sensitive nature of child protection complaints and the high level of trust that necessary for parents to leave their children at a day care center. In fact, what should seem like the last resort may be the only resort when it comes to protecting children in day care.

Because of this, knowing how to defend yourself against an investigation is critical. This post will provide a few helpful tips in the event you are subject to a DHS inquiry.

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