A Lawyer Helping People Respond To Accusations Of Substance Abuse In The Home

When accused of child abuse or neglect, your life will come under close scrutiny from child protective services and others. Perhaps your spouse accused you of abusing alcohol and displaying violent behavior in front of your kids. Or maybe illegal drugs were found in your home when social services and authorities arrived to investigate allegations of child neglect.

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to respond to these accusations with help from a lawyer who handles child protection and criminal defense matters in the Twin Cities.


I am Eric Anderson, founder and principal attorney at Anderson Defense in Minneapolis. With experience representing clients in a wide variety of child protection and criminal defense matters, I know firsthand the challenges facing clients accused of child abuse and neglect. In many cases, alcohol and drug abuse are a significant part of these allegations. Furthermore, a child protection and removal matter may overlap with criminal accusations, including domestic violence, DUI/DWI or drug charges.

If illegal drugs are found in your home, a child protection petition can have your children removed from your care. The county may also attempt to terminate your parental rights. Although the accusations may be false or overblown, the fact remains that the state takes these matters seriously and will respond quickly and decisively.

As your lawyer, I’ll help you understand the legal implications of the charges and take appropriate action to protect your rights, reputation and your relationship with your kids. I will listen to you, gather evidence and testimony, all while building a strategy for reaching the best possible outcome and reuniting you with your children.


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