Defending Clients Against Accusations Of Child Sexual Abuse

Whether you’re being investigated or have already been charged with sexually abusing a child, there’s no time to waste in obtaining representation. The authorities take these matters very seriously and will not hesitate to bring the full weight of the law against you.

I am attorney Eric Anderson, and when you reach out to my firm, Anderson Defense in Minneapolis, I can help you stand up to the charges and defend your reputation. Having worked as a public defender as well as in private practice, I have handled numerous cases, worked with people facing a wide variety of charges, and understand the best methods for mitigating the legal consequences of serious charges, including:

  • Child molestation
  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Incest

There’s no overstating how serious these accusations are. Whether you’re a parent, stepparent, grandparent or your son or daughter has allegedly committed a sex crime against another person, it’s imperative that you take immediate steps to protect your rights. As your lawyer, I can be your resource and representative at every step.

When we speak, we can review the circumstances of your case, outline what you’re up against and options moving forward. Ultimately we’ll develop a strategy that achieves the best possible outcome, such as pursuing a reduction of the charges or a dismissal.


As a defense lawyer, I help people solve some of life’s most difficult and trying issues — perhaps none more challenging than accusations of sexual abuse of a child.

To talk directly with me, attorney Eric Anderson, during a free, confidential consultation, call 612-373-9490. To send an email, simply complete an online contact form, and I will respond promptly. I work with clients throughout Hennepin County, the Twin Cities and across the region in Minnesota.