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Do you really know about consent?

In just a few weeks, tens of thousands of new students will began their first semester of college. While much of the conversations across America will be about the new college football season, few will be talking about what should be the most important conversation between new students.

Indeed, most new college students, will understand that “no” means no and that “yes” means yes, but few will understand what actually qualifies as consent when someone does not affirmatively say “yes.” However, outside of these direct indications, there are great divisions between what actions mean yes as opposed to no.

poll taken earlier this year, indicates that nearly half of all students believed that nodding in agreement, getting a condom or undressing or are signals that a person is ready to have sex. However, just as many indicated that these acts did not establish consent. Of course, when alcohol is involved, it may be difficult for a person to really know if they have the “green light.”

Knowing about how consent works can help in preventing a large number of sex crimes. It can also alleviate the difficulties people who are accused of sex crimes in defending themselves. After all, being accused of such a crime can be like proving one’s innocence instead of the prosecution proving that one is guilty.

With that, if you are accused of a sex crime or are under investigation for such a crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you.

The preceding is not legal advice.

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