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The Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners announces new rules

Cosmetologists, nail technicians, instructors and aestheticians are facing new rules that go into effect in mid-September. Salon owners, schools and individual cosmetologists who rely on their professional license to make a living can expect not only stricter guidelines, but greater scrutiny when the new rules take effect on September 13. State regulators have added more than 500 new rules, and are looking to increase the number of inspectors who drop in on salons to look for potential rule violations.

The Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners says that complaints about inadequate infection control led the board to consider updating the rules. The expansion of the industry in recent decades also out strains on the inspectors, leading to the decision to double the number of inspectors with the hopes that every salon will be investigated at least once a year.

In Some Respects, Clarifying The Rules Was Necessary

The board and some practitioners believe that the new system will provide more clarity for professionals. The old rules were fairly vague, according to statements published recently in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. While many of the revised provisions apply to penalties, salon owners, instructors and individuals who hold licenses need to be aware that disciplinary actions are still available to the board, including actions to deny, suspend, revoke or take other adverse actions against a professional’s license.

New Rules Can Bring New Problems For Professionals

Anytime that state regulators engage in a complete overhaul the inspection process, disputes may seem more likely. The procedures involved in defending a license are highly technical. If your professional license is at stake, it is critical to speak with a lawyer who knows the nuances of the administrative process and who knows how to build a strong defense.

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