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The facts of life with Halloween and drunk driving

Even with Halloween being on a Monday night, it would not be surprising if a number of Halloween revelers will make it a long weekend. For an unfortunate group of people, they may wake up in jail on Tuesday morning, or with the memory of spending half the night being processed after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

While this may be a simple fact of life in the Twin Cities, history does not have to repeat itself as the holidays come around. For those who are counting, Thanksgiving is just over three weeks away. It is expected that additional patrols for DUI will be out, so it is imperative for drivers to pay close attention to what they drink if they are driving on Halloween night.

More than just being vigilant with drinking habits, drivers who are stopped must know how to deal with the police in order to avoid that fateful question: “could you please step out of the car?” With that, here are two important tips.

Be respectful – The police are not as glib as they appear to be, and they should expect a bit of flak when they pull someone over. But a little respect and deference goes a long way, and it may keep you out of trouble.

Keep good eye contact – The old adage “the eyes speak volumes” applies here. Police officers are trained to look for clues of illegal activity by looking into a person’s eyes. When people are lying or trying to hide something, they tend to look away. Maintaining good eye contact can show that you don’t have anything to hide.

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