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The importance of protecting kids charged with sex offenses

Kids being charged with a criminal act can be tough enough on the child and his or her family. Being a juvenile charged with a sex crime brings a number of difficulties that children should not have to go through. Unfortunately, given the social stigma that comes with sex crimes in our society, it is possible for presumptions to follow a child as they grow up; leading to questions about their worthiness for college admission, eligibility for scholarships and their ability to secure certain types of employment.

Indeed, some crimes are very serious, which justify the charges and consequences that come with them. However, there are countless, benign offenses that send unwitting kids down a troubling emotional path given the grueling penalties that come with sex offenses.

It is critical to understand that the penalties for sex offenders (with regard to offenses committed against children) are envisioned to apply to adults who take advantage of children and rob them of their innocence. But when you consider that a majority of sexual offenses committed against kids are committed by other kids (the highest majority being age 14), it is essential that a penalty for a serial offender does not apply to a misguided child.

Because of this, the advice and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential. A skilled lawyer can help prosecutors, and the court, understand how the facts may not fit the elements of a particular crime, or how sentencing protocols should be specifically tailored to protect the accused from lifelong trauma.

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